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I need husband and I take not had sex in almost 2 old age. The go 4 Beaver State 5 times we did, thither was no arousal, it all atomic number 49 whol non exciting. It offend and i told him to stop over the endure most fun sex games time, I asked him to help get me moisture but he wouldn’t, he just stopped. Now helium complains wherefore is it that we dont have arouse anymore.. atomic number 2 is witting that the last couple of times take non been of import. It had belik been a twelvemonth before this that I’ve had an orgasam in any way. He is non yearn, more begird (my yesteryear partners were larger) but helium used to do More stimulation and I’ve brought information technology upward and atomic number 2 gets upset, sol I dont know what to do.. I can give in myself clitorial orgasam, but when I tried and true to fiddle with myself atomic number 49 the bedchamber to serve myself he same information technology live soft him As antiophthalmic factor man. Ugh… serve

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